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How do I set up my new email account in Outlook, Windows Mail, Mac Mail or Thunderbird?
Quite easily; simply open your preferred email program and run through their email account setup wizard. In the process of the creation wizard, you will want to use the following settings:

Username: your full email address (i.e. johnsmith@domain.com)
Password: the password you set when creating the email account
Incoming Mailserver: mail.domain.com
Outgoing Mailserver: ISP outgoing mail server (port 25) OR mail.domain.com (port 587) with “Outgoing Mailserver requires authentication” enabled.

Please note: domain.com is simply an example, you should replace it with your real domain when configuring your email program.

Additional Information and Options
During configuration in your email client, you will have the option of setting the mailserver type. You can use either POP or IMAP depending on your needs.

If you want to access your email via webmail, you can do so at any time by going to http://webmail.domain.com (where you replace domain.com with your actual domain name).

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